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November, 2014

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Top Data Theft Trends

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The quake that Edward Snowden brought about with earth shattering claims still continues to reverberate in newspaper headlines and media articles. Almost every security report published by leading security corporations across the world report that insider threats has become the most prominent worry for organisations today. This year alone has seen a colossal amount of data theft from Neiman Marcus, Adobe, Korea Credit Bureau, Target and eBay has sent shivers down the spine of the customer and the IT professional alike. This is a sure indicator that cybercrime will continue unabated if dire steps are not taken immediately. An increasing number of security threats and regulations are making the case for an urgent need of transparency; with all indications pointing towards 2014 being a significant year for organisations to equip themselves and be prepared for any form of security occurrences and data theft attacks. Here are some of the leading data theft trends forecasted for the remainder part of this year.

1. Loss of revenue leading to axing of responsible heads

When Target was reportedly hacked, it resulted a massive loss in revenue and due to that, there was a strategic emphasis laid on boardroom members. The head of Target had to step down while the CIO offered the resignation following the enormous data attack. With the loss in revenue, Target hit its lowest point in more than two years. However the greatest danger that Target faces is the damaging repercussions on its repute and loss of trust of its customers.

2. Retail becomes easy prey

Shortly following the Target debacle, Neiman Marcus suffered a huge data breach when attackers stole information from over 1.2 million debit and credit cards for a period of several months. Interestingly, it was observed that the malicious code that violated the Target system was the same that was installed on the terminals at Neiman Marcus.

3. Cloud and big data appear vulnerable

The data that is being stored in the cloud is now being eyed by hackers and cyber terrorists. In October 2013, Adobe suffered a data breach of over 40 million user accounts while recently Yahoo experienced a data breach of an undisclosed number of accounts. In addition well known social photo sharing application SnapChat experienced an embarrassing breach where account information of over 4.7 million usernames and associated coordinates were available for download. All these attacks have goaded organisations to tighten the security measures and it is more relevant now than ever for cloud data to have stringent security measures.

4. Healthcare is no longer remains safe

For security related reasons, the healthcare industry has been making shocking headlines fof late. Due to the NSA breach, the healthcare industry has had to take urgent action on increasing security measures to protect their clients. The Pentagon has revealed its plans of investing over $ 1.4 billion in establishing a novel, commercial health record arrangement from 2017 through 2019.

5. Sharper Laws and Regulations

On a positive note, legal authorities across the globe are now focusing their attention on instituting sharper legal frameworks while outlining obligations required for data security. The need of the hour is to encrypt data not only BYOD and storage media, but also in big data, unstructured information, cloud services, application data and databases. In some jurisdictions, the mandatory legal requirement is to adopt encryption technologies. In the coming days, it is possible that the legal framework will become increasingly prescriptive regarding the nature of encrypted technologies that must be conformed and implemented in every organisation.

Unfortunately since data cannot defend itself, encrypting it no longer becomes an option. LockLizard’s document security solution encrypts data directly. No matter even if your account is breached by a phishing attack, all your protected documents under LockLizard will stay secure and completely in your control.


How to get rid of pests permanently

Are you distressed of the pests damaging your important documents and files? Do you want those dreadful rodents and also lizards roaming all around your home in Columbus, OH? Have you ever considered eliminating them permanently by hiring exterminator service?

The major causes for unhealthy environment could be mainly because you are encompassed with pests and bugs . This intimidating and hazardous issue has very easy and also qualitative measures. When you seek the services of a good pest control or perhaps you can call them an “exterminator service” by which you will get comfort from such disturbing creatures. A reliable pest extermination services in Columbus, OH can exterminate the pests, lizards, insects, bugs, cockroaches, termites permanently, maintaining your environment healthy and clean.

Rodent or even Pest, nobody likes to see them around workplaces or homes. They are really hazardous for both, the residential environment as well as the commercial places as they can damage important stuff inside the wardrobes of the offices or homes.

The role of experienced exterminator services is to remove the pests from its source so they never come back again in the near future as the pests will easily go back to where they were, and that is really dangerous for any Office or home. Therefore, from this pest protection method it is possible to totally remove the destructive pests forever. In addition, it is not necessary to be worried about any negative effects, since the exterminator services are natural and are safe for the health and wellness of people and also their environment.

The proper exterminator service should be eco-friendly, giving you permanent good results. However it becomes essential to select the best service to do this, as you will be investing your hard earned money and which should be spent at a proper place.

The benefits of routine air conditioning repair

There is no more stressful feeling than finding that the temperature range at your home in Boise, ID is increasing and almost nothing you can do to fix the issues. The time has come to contact a skillful and qualified service to conduct the air conditioning repair. You can find signs that will signal that your AC systems need repair and maintenance.

The benefit of routine air conditioning repair and maintenance is that it will help you preserve good air quality at your home or workplace. An AC system which is damaged or beginning to fail will decrease air quality and also potentially cause health issues if left unresolved. Hiring the services of a skilled and professional AC repair service will minimize this accidental risk and bring back the environment of the house to a more healthy state.

A possibility to start with your air conditioning repair in Boise, ID is a routine maintenance plan. By planning routine maintenance for the ac system, future problems can be anticipated before they arise and undoubtedly help you save both costs and time sooner or later. Ac repair – performed as a precautionary measure – also delivers security in understanding that you are gaining the optimum benefit of your cooling system in the most cost effective way.

It must be kept in mind that there are occasions when an air conditioning system will no longer be repaired and will rather need to be replaced. Although nobody likes this situation, knowing the solutions that you can get when an issue is found will help with deciding whether replacement is ultimately an option over repair. With time, cost and comfort all becoming main factors, having an independent evaluation from your AC Repair Company is a crucial step in such a difficult process.  AC repair service is more than restoring an issue. It can be a method of delivering information, inspections and providing solutions which are in the best needs of the client.

The reasons why you need to own a Cleaning franchise


Cleaning franchises are a wise investment. Each residential and commercial place in Ft. Lauderdale should get the support of sanitation, cleaning, and also maintenance service. Such franchise rises in demand for janitorial service commercial cleaning over the next decades.The cleaning industry is stable, since each home has a regular need for cleaning services and also appliances maintenance. In the residential segment, homeowners investing on cleaning services continue to be strong. Even during a economic downturn, Homeowners ready to pay other individuals to provide cleaning services. This is certainly related to today’s busy lifestyles, families with several working parent, and also a growth in activities outside the house.

Cleaning franchises offer services you might feel better about. It is really important to own a cleaning franchise in Ft. Lauderdale; you will be helping an industry as well as the individuals who work there make progress in a clean, harmless environment. You will be helping an environmentally friendly planet by providing the environmental cleaning services with the green technology. You are subsequently helping full of activity families maintain a tidier house and help them to spend a longer time with their children. You can also help businesses take care of fleet vehicles as well as other equipment to enhance worker safety. Making investment and having a cleaning franchise does not always mean you run the services. You will be responsible for the maintenance of the business operations, like staffing, organizing daily managers, advertising and marketing assistance and also providing as a liaison between the performances of the business along with the franchise company.

These days, technology to boost maintenance and cleaning services has increased significantly. The explosion of eco-friendly technology, green cleaners as well as energy saving machinery reveal this industry is prepared for economic growth and also job opportunities. Businesses and homeowners are generally ready to hire maintenance and cleaning services. When businesses can perform an eco-friendly sustainable, and green technology, it reflects positively on the business itself.

The roles of empowered women in today’s society

As many women fully understand that there might be nothing more empowering than controlling over their own future and finance. Women are having great strides in today’s society, and a lot of empowered women nowadays are business owners and entrepreneurs. Actually, the facts and statistics on women running a business and women who personally own businesses just keep increasing. When you search on Google ” empowered women ” you will find numerous topics , from professional career women , to women’s self-help businesses , to women’s blogs , to online marketing money making opportunities , to stay-at-home moms who craft a unique product or create brilliant ideas.

The concept of women running a business is not new. Women are the unique mothers of innovations. When they need it and can’t find it, they produce it, market it, and then sell it. When you visit Women manage them all careers and families and still have the ability to donate, volunteer and also help others. Lots of people are deciding to keep their conventional careers and jobs, while some the leap into entrepreneurship and also have initiated their home-based businesses.

Empowered women and business women are rapidly gaining the opportunity in the more competitive world of marketing and advertising. Many companies are transforming how they design, market and advertise products with the intention to attract such niche businesses so the women that own them.

Since technology helps make these great strides for women for decade, doing a home based job for women will no longer be something to dream. Women working from home are now a possible career solution and a really reasonable way to financial success for empowered women.

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