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The importance of using Parcel forwarding service

The idea of escalating your business by importing more affordable products from worldwide market looks like a no-brainer. be it small company or bigger corporations always want to buy competitive products from a global market, importing regulation and expense, equipment not intended to accept overseas postal codes, greater labor costs associated with the extra handling , higher packing costs, higher liability risk and item replacement costs . To get rid of this issue you certainly need help from Parcel Forwarding Company.

Parcel forwarding service also called as mail forwarding service, could be very helpful from small companies to large businesses, since they represent a contact for the client, they offer customer support, are completely responsible for accepting and warehousing goods, they generally do the labeling and also finishing of customs forms, organize shipping and pick-up, and anticipate the back-end role of customer support to the point the client receives the goods. Such service give you a big saving in operating expenses, free labor, free warehousing and also free customer support.

If you plan to start the China importing transaction, there are specific rules and tips that you must follow so that you can achieve success in this field. You will need to be flexible and make sure to maintain a various source for your business. China provides numerous products but you should be aware about the risks they bring about.

Doing a China importing products might seem very difficult particularly for those just getting started the trade but with the help of parcel forwarder from China , your China importing transactions will reward you profits, opportunities, benefits as well as success for your business . Now you can buy anything from China. Order from China and make a great saving .You can shop in any Chinese stores and have packages shipped to your local address or even you may have a help from their staff to purchase products for you.

Company Formation in Cyprus

Companies that are registered in Cyprus are subject to the Cyprus Company’s Law[Cap.113] which is modelled on English Companies Act, 1948. However, throughout the years several amendments have been brought in order to be alignedwith the European standards.

Why to register a company in Cyprus

For many reasons, Cyprus might attract you as an investor, either that means forming a company or investing in an already existing company. Those reasons can be the low tax range, the stable economy or the fact that is based in the centre of three continents. Or the fact that Cyprus is a full member of the EU and it benefits from all EU treaties, regulations and directives or even that it has been put on the ‘white list’ by all countries and the OECD, and also to Cyprus beneficial treatment from strict jurisdictions such as the USA in comparison to other tax incentive countries.

To see more benefits of registering your company in Cyprus you can visit

Whatever the reason, incorporating a company in Cyprus, will give you plenty advantages on evolving.

When decided that you want to form a company in Cyprus, you have to decide what type of company suits your interests.

The companies accepted by the Cyprus companies’ law are:

  • Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD)
    no minimum share capital is required, up to 50 shareholders
  • Public Company Limited by Shares (PLC)
    initial capital required, unlimited shareholders, transferable shares
  • Company Limited by Guarantee
    non-profitable, charitable, no minimum share capital, no maximum number of shareholders
  • General Partnership
    no capital nor auditors required, formed by two to twenty individuals
  • Limited Partnership
    must have general partner and limited partner, formed by at least two individuals
  • Sole Proprietorship
    run by a single member
  • Foreign Company
    establishing branch of a foreign company

Once you know what type of company you want to incorporate, you need to find a name for your company and then make an application to the Registrar of Companies for approval. When the name is approved, you need to file to the Registrar the Memorandum and Articlesof Association (M&AA) and HE forms, which contain the name, the registered office address, the secretary of the company, the directors of the company, the share capital, the subscribers of shares and their respective share allotments, in order for the company to be incorporated.

Once the company is incorporated a Registration number is allocated to the company and the Registrar will issue certificates of ‘Registered Office’, ‘Shareholders’, ‘Directors’, ‘Secretary’, ‘Incorporation’ and M&AA(both in English and Greek).

Having help will be needed for a task like this. In Cyprus there are professionals on forming your company, helping you find everything from your office to the furniture, from the staff to the partners. Some they have the ability to maintain your company in a well-established level, giving you advise on how to manage your business and giving you the top points for success.

International Shipping whats important to know


Shipping internationally, what do you need to know? Is it the same as shipping domestically? Or are there differences, if so what are they? While international shipping may seem to be the same as domestic shipping, there are some differences that you should be aware of before continuing. International shipping requires more attention to detail. However if you follow some basic precautions your package will arrive safely, on time and with all of the items included.

First make sure that you are aware of the laws regarding what can and cannot be imported or brought in to the country that you are shipping things to. This is due to the fact that packaging illegal items into your shipment will most certainly delay the receipt of your package and in some cases will stop the entire shipment unable to be delivered and may result in it being sent back to you.

Second make sure that the things that you are shipping are packed extremely well. This is because packages that are shipped overseas may often go through rough handling during parts of their journey. It is advisable to use plenty of filler material or bubble wrap to cushion the items in your package especially if they are fragile. It is also advisable to use a study box and use a lot of packaging tape.

Third it is a good idea to include a card inside the package that has the address that you are sending the item to, as well as the return address just in case the outside of the box gets damaged or wet.

Fourth you will need to fill out a customs form for any packages that you are sending if they are leaving the United States. You need to be completely honest on the customs form and it is suggested that you double check that everything that you are sending is allowed to enter the country that you are sending it.

Finally let the person that you are sending the package to know when he or she can expect the package to arrive and be sure that you keep the shipping label for any package that you sent as well as the tracking numbers for the packages or packages just in case they do not arrive on time or arrive at all.

This write up was brought to you by the leaders in Local and international Couriers services – UCS. The UCS courier company is situated in Bracknell just outside London. UCS considers themselves one of the top Courier and Logistic services companies in the United Kingdom. With over 22 years of courier and logistic experience you know you are in good hands.  UCS main mission was always been to provide highly personalized service to its clients and to actually go that extra mile for customer satisfaction.

Finding an affordable trademark lawyer

Your trademark is extremely vital as it defines your company, patent product or service, and is a great way of identification by prospective customers. When a company must discover a way of infringing on your trademark, then you certainly position yourself to lose much when it comes to potential revenue, as well as reputation. Please take note that each brand and mark related to your company, its service, and products, is lawfully protected against infringement. In an effort to achieve this, it is advisable to seek the services of a trademark lawyer, to deal with the application procedure on your behalf.

Getting a patent for product or business is not as easy as you might think. You must find the records and make sure that you will never be infringing on the rights of other companies by using the brand, name or mark which you have come up with. A patent lawyer can easily perform a thorough search and make sure that you will not encounter legal ramifications later on because of trademark infringement.

You can find them online for reasons of learning about the trademark that you would like to use. Though they can provide you with some reliable information, the results will never be detailed. It means that you will find yourself infringing on a trademark or patent. Let a trademark lawyer help you to be safe when using your selected trademark.

You should know that the procedure of registering a brand is fraught with legal factors that you might not understand. Therefore you will be unwittingly infringing on a trademark, or ignoring an aspect which can make a loophole for others to infringe on the trademark sooner or later. UpCounsel makes it easy and affordable for businesses and entrepreneurs for those who are trying to find an affordable trademark lawyer. They have experienced this procedure often times , and will be able to control your application and protect you from legal ramifications , from companies or people whose trademarks you actually have infringed upon , or even infringement of your own trademark , by some other companies in the near future .

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