Solutions for your Business and Finance

Solutions for your Business and Finance

Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy. – Norman Schwarzkopf

It Keeps Coming in the Mail

I used to loathe going to the mailbox, but it isn’t so bad now. I would always get junk mail and bills, which I hated. I would have to shred the junk mail and look at the ever increasing prices of the bills. Once you’ve stared at offers from energy providers and credit card companies for 20 years, it all starts to run together. A couple of things did catch my eye. One provider was offering a month of free service and a fixed rate plan. I also saw an offer for a card with a high credit limit and 0% APR.

I started with the credit card offer first, because I wanted to use the card to pay my first bill. In the old days, it would take a while to fill out a credit card application and you would have to wait until the company sent a response back in the mail. Read More

8 Simple Steps to Organize a Networking Event

Are you trying to generate clients for a new business, build brand awareness or simply working to further your career? If so, a networking group may be the answer. Depending on the city you live in, there are likely many networking events that are already going on in your area. That being said, if you are in a niche market or really want to take the reins on building out your networking group, you may want to organize your own event. Here are 8 simple steps to organizing your own event:

1. Define Your Purpose

When creating a successful networking event it is important to have a tightly themed or niche area of focus. This could be a specific industry or perhaps a specific group such as entrepreneurs or small business owners. For some, a networking event is just an opportunity for people new in the area to meet, connect and possibly share potential business leads.

2. Define Your Format

Depending on your goals or your specific networking group, you may want to either organize a structured event or a more casual occasion. If the group is small, you may want to consider a more intimate setting that will help everyone get to know each other quickly and comfortably.

3. Outline Your Budget

Creating a budget for your event is important as it will help you determine what you can afford for the event. Whether you intend to make a profit on the event or paying for it with your company’s marketing budget, you will likely need to spend some money on a venue and refreshments. To help cover costs, you may want to consider finding sponsors or charging and attendance fee.

4. Choosing a Venue

Depending on your budget you may have to get a bit creative with the venue. You will want to balance price with quality of space. The more creative or desirable the location, the more likely you will see an improved turn out. While a banquet or community hall may seem like the obvious choice, depending on your group size you may be able to find affordable accommodations at a nice restaurant which could improve your turn out.
If you expect a large group, make sure that your venue is large enough and has plenty of parking. You may also want to rent dedicated parking for your event. You may also want to secure customized parking permits to ensure only your guests use the rented space.

5. Select a Day & Time

This may seem like a no-brainer but the time and day are not always the easiest to figure out. Unfortunately it’s impossible to pick a time and day that will suit everyone but you can think about your target demographic to determine what might work best for them. For example, busy professionals may prefer a breakfast event so it doesn’t impinge on their working day while younger people might not be willing to get up early and may prefer an after work event with dinner and drinks.

As far as the day of the week, it’s usually best to go for midweek. Most professionals are the busiest at the beginning of the week and toward the end of the week they are tired and just looking forward to the weekend.

6. Promote Your Event

Getting the word out can be as simple as creating social media events and inviting like-minded individuals or as complex as creating an extravagant marketing campaign. It really comes down to the scale at which you are planning your event. For events that require online registration and ticket sales, you can always use an online program like Event Brite.

7. Facilitate Interactions

The most important aspect of your networking event is that the participants actually network. If you are the one organizing the event then you should make it a priority to personally meet and greet every attendee. If you can also learn a bit about each attendee it will help you to introduce them to other like-minded individuals to help making your networking event a bigger success.

8. Follow Up

Unless generating a profit from your event was your only goal, you want to make sure that you maintain the momentum of the face-to-face networking and discussion by taking it online. Set up a LinkedIn or Facebook group for the event where members of your networking group can join. This will help you stay in touch after the event.

How to Squeeze the Most out of a Student Budget

If there is one thing that every high school student knows, it’s that college life is going to be full of fun experiences, lots of new friends, and a tight budget. And when a student says that they are on a tight budget, they mean it!

If you are about to head off to further education or you are currently in college and struggling to make ends meet, this article has four great ways to help you out.


Of course! Why didn’t every other student think of that? Oh, wait…they did! Don’t let this be a past tense sentiment. Before you even start packing for college, visit the campus and apply for any and all positions that are available. While any job is going to be a benefit, working on campus comes with campus ID which opens up a whole new world of on-campus discounts.

Don’t Visit a Bookstore

Before you get too excited, there isn’t a new way to get textbooks for free. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to pay full price for them.

The Groupon Coupons page for AbeBooks can help with discounts on current textbooks for many, if not all, of the subjects you are studying. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, take to social media and search for local student group trading pages. Simply making a post with a list of the books you need can result in a large number of responses from past students who are willing to part with their old textbooks for a fraction of the cost you were expecting to pay.

Eat Cheap!

Easier said than done, right? Wrong!

  • Don’t eat take out; it’s just wasted student money
  • Make a meal plan for each month and find long-life ingredients which you can use throughout the entire month.
  • Talk to your friends and roommates about sharing bulks discounts. Often times bulk food items are on sale but expire before you could eat it all.
  • Keep your eyes open for student discounts – they’re available in more places than you might think. If you can’t see a sign, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Speak with local restaurants about organizing student nights where they can offer a separate menu of cheaper items if you can arrange large groups to attend

Stick Together

Keeping with the idea mentioned above, your classmates and you also share another common need, stationery items. Similar to food, look for bulk sales which are often available from commercial office suppliers. While this could mean ordering 100 pens, if you are splitting the cost between 10 or 20 people, you could end up saving a good chunk of money after you fill your supply case.

If anybody told you that managing your money while you study is an easy task, then they obviously know something that the rest of the world doesn’t. However, just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean that it isn’t achievable, you just need a little creative thinking such as the tips in this article.

Using OneCoin as a Gold Investment Alternative

Gold comes with the firm belief that the valuation on gold always remains stable and solid. Gold is always viewed as the safe investment. During the social, economic and political volatility, gold is the investment option people are looking for. The evidence is dictated by historical fundamentals – at that time of uncertainty the gold value is usually positive. At the same time, high instability in the cryptocurrency indices prevents it from getting considered in the same investment strategy as the gold.

0990The tendencies of cryptocurrency rates volatility are nearly impossible to predict or speculate. This is why the importance of gold as a main asset in the cryptocurrency industry starts to become interesting. It helps to make it more solid and stable, reducing the instability and helping to make the value more desirable.

Gold is undoubtedly the investment option used to get out of the associated risk. By combining cryptocurrency and gold, Onecoin  as Gold Alternative was created as a new alternative investment, not only new but also safe and stable.

OneCoin offers a unique opportunity, revolutionizing the investment of the current digital economic system. The OneCoin idea is created of the success of the revolutionary cryptocurrency , Bitcoin.

OneCoin bring people in a worldwide community that enables them to mine and do transaction using the OneCoin cryptocurrency .When it comes to innovation , cryptocurrencies have an effect on numerous facets of the wider economy and financial markets . They will significantly minimize transaction costs, provide access to transactions and keep away from pitfalls in some monetary systems.

The value of this currency trends will depend on demand and supply. For this reason, they are generally compared to gold, and they are called Gold Alternative. The more a cryptocurrency is needed, the more its value and demand rises. With its enormous amounts of users, OneCoin has end up being the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

The right place to find the reviews of online course and training

When I tracked down my old school friend through friends reunited in social networking I got some piece of information that he had started a personal blog. The content of his blog is all about different online courses and other online stuff.

He said that blogging is interesting as he has a self-imposed duty to share useful, relevant information, and the things he shares come from his own experiences and perspectives.
His big passion is in business, especially online business. He gathers a lot of information about some online course and e-learning he has taken previously then he shares his experiences on his personal blog at It’s a roundup of courses and site reviews of places around the web where one can learn new business/career skills.

If you visit his blog you will be amazed with much online stuff he wrote on his blog.  If you are trying to prepare for a new business or ready to make a fantastic shift to a new career, online training and course in most cases is the best solution that offers the flexibility and choices to get exactly what you want.

Whether it is corporate or personal online course , computer based learning have shown many times to require considerably less time to achieve desired training or learning objectives all at once in the most affordable way when compared with conventional classroom settings .

Online training is beneficial particularly for people who are usually in remote areas. The web conferencing is really practical to the people who are difficult to travel due to location and time. The most important thing is a stable internet access, a working laptop or computer and a headphones thus make this a really budget-saver.

If you are trying to start business or develop your skills and careers and you are looking to perfect online course/training around the web I highly recommend you to visit his personal blog. Finding the reviews of online training is highly advisable as you will get the perfect online course/training based on your needs.

  • A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. – Richard Branson
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